What I’d eat from McD’s (if I were 127 hours style starving.)

When a friend posted this… … I did what’s common for people like me: try to guess what they said, give up on guessing what they said, decide what I’d choose to eat at McD’s if forced to, and not read the article at all before commenting exactly that list to said friend. Said comment list went something like this: Haven’t read it yet – but these are the 5.. Read More

Glowlar eclipse tonight. Rain or shine, bishes.

Duh. For someone who enjoys sky-watching, I’m not very attuned to where I need to be for stuff. Granted, I’d been told the aurora might visit NOVA a few days ago – so I was justified in hanging out in the freezing windblown chill, waiting for a rain of illumination above (no cigar). But had I studied up a little more on the who, what, and when (I may’ve missed.. Read More

Life- anxious? Settle down by not settling.

As I sat in traffic coming from an interview out on one of Saturn’s rings yesterday, I realized something. More like a reminder, really. I suddenly understood why so many people have drinking problems and recalled why I myself used to consistently enlist the assistance of valium to survive another night on earth as we know it. I mean, Jesus. When I was working outta the home before, I had.. Read More

Monica Lewinsky gave TED oration.

A.) How has no one else used my title as clickbait yet? B.) Monica Lewinsky? Doing… a TED talk? (This is my new “Chloe at Disneyland”. You’re welcome.) Now, I try to be open minded when it comes to hearing what people have to say. So, when I heard that Monica Lewinksy’d done a talk for TED, I tried my hardest to curb the eyeroll and hear her out. Unfortunately,.. Read More

Why Kat Von D should hire me to add to her “Underage Red” lipstick collection.

Kat Von D (who admittedly knows her way around an eyeshadow palette) is in the shit today. And why? Cuzza some name she gave one of her lipsticks: “Underage Red”. Terrible right? I mean, here she has this killer collection with the likes of a lip pigment called “Lolita” in it, and she settles for “Underage Red”? Actually, I suppose that my problem isn’t that she called it that –.. Read More