What we can learn from the Yellowstone wolf eco-effect

So, I just saw this amazing vid on the Yellowstone effect that happened when they added just one species to the mix. The idea was that all these animals were wandering around in this near-dystopian land. A buncha the bastards were eating up all the shrubbery, grazing the landscape away, and making the national park look like a flora infested outdoor crack house. Then, like some magical just-add-water answer, they.. Read More

#30daysofnewthings: some’a this week’s adventures…

“Oh good, you’re just in time,” the crazed thirty year old in a turban said as she answered the door for her mother. To my credit, I’d had a long day and it wasn’t a turban – but a giant towel ‘do completing my freshly washed coif look on evenings such as these. And on this particular evening, I’d almost forgotten to complete my #30daysofnewthings task. So, naturally, I was.. Read More

*Here’s* your acceptable adipositivity

Actually, it’s more like post-adipose derma-positivity. Specifically, I mean those heaps of skin you have left after losing a shiz ton of blobby insulation tissue from your body. Ya know? Like this chick? (The one who got rejected entry from that weight loss mag for not sheathing her excess flesh? The bastards?) Now that’s worthy of a well done, round-of-applause, and a cookie (actually – maybe not on that last.. Read More