Would you forgive your rapist? How about after a shitty apology?

Ever had someone come atchya with an apology? Like, for something super big they did wrong to you? And it was like… half assed? That’s what happened to Hana Mitchels of VICE when her rapist – now in an AA program and seeking amends from her – gave her a call to apologize. But, the thing is, he didn’t yes-and himself with all the stuff a rape victim’d like (and.. Read More

An Emma Watson cat-flash inspired panty line needs to happen.

Whenever I’ve been told before that I look like Sharon Stone, I think two things: 1.) 90’s version? Or now version? and 2.) Is my chick biscuit covered? Yes, it is nice, Sharon. But what’s not nice is when it throws an eye surprise party for everyone, like the infamous LiLo committing fanny arson while exiting a car and stepping straight onto the pages of the tabloids. I get it.. Read More

#30daysofnewthings: the heartest challenge yet?

“I’ve got something you can do for your 30 Days…” my physical therapist told me. Despite my 100% reverence for him, I admittedly wanted to eyeroll. Or smirk. Or both, I’m not sure which. We were both in one’a those “mid-week” kinda moods. But for him, I imagine, it was even more frustrating. After all, I hadn’t been in in two weeks, my spine and hips were all misaligned, and.. Read More

Does your occipital lobe hold cosmic knowledge?

Pulp Fiction’s gansta wasn’t doing any kinda gansta-ass-shiz when he had his aha moment. In fact, it was sandwiched between two such events (dumping a body and sticking up stick up kids) during brunch. Much like most of the epiphanies in this movie which muse on about the philosophy of small-fortune milkshakes and what they call cheeseburgers in other parts of the world, it seemed to – yet again –.. Read More