Finally, a RomCom teaches a lesson (albeit indirectly).

Anyone remember that movie “He’s Just Not That Into You”? Whenever it comes on and I happen to be in a channel flipping (AKA mindless/stupid/lazy) mood, I end up watching a little bit of it. It’s mostly for the half naked scenes with ScarJo and BradCoop. But it’s also for some of the fun dialog. And to torture myself by trying to will Jennifer Connelly’s freshly botoxed face to make.. Read More

Best way to get over a flu? Get over yourself.

So, I got the flu for the first time in years this week. I suppose that’s just the risk you run when you start being a social creature again. And, indeed, my till-now situation for many moons had been kinda like that tribe we found over in the Amazon who’d never previously made contact with the outside world. And what’d we do to ’em? What we always do. Spread our.. Read More

The real reason McDonald’s is offering all-day breakfast

Everyone remember that scene from Big Daddy? The I-know-that-feel moment when they just miss the breakfast menu at the golden arched dinery? And can’t get their McMorning meal? And it makes everyone think “Yeah – how stupid! Why can’t we have hashbrowns and eggs all day?” Though I steer clear of the place now, I remember thinking the same when I was little and my mom would drag me off.. Read More

#30daysofnewthings: Week 3

Ahhh, you thought I’d given up – didn’t you? Thought I couldn’t finish a month long challenge, eh? Wrong. I just haven’t been posting shiz (#slacker). But no worries. We’ll catchya up. Actually, though, between catching the flu and suffering from a lifelong chronic condition of because:lazy – there were some days that I came thisclose to skipping on my #30daysofnewthings challenge (which, according to Ken-the-creator’s rules I decided to.. Read More

#30daysofnewthings: Last week! The end!

(Did you read week 3 of #30daysofnewthings yet?) Fresh off’a my coffee habit on my #30daysofnewthings challenge (I’d decided to mostly quit the stuff), I forged ahead. Could I still be productive without my intravenous caffeine? The answer is: yes. In fact, last Saturday I sat exactly where I am now and found work-zen on Wegman’s upper floor. This is a gem I hope more of the grocery patron peons.. Read More