Why I started green-tea-latte Methadone for my Starbucks habit.

Ughh… Starbucks announces S'mores Frappuccinos for a limited time only http://t.co/9BlNkD7Z9y pic.twitter.com/J2ORzZDRUl — Huffington Post (@HuffingtonPost) April 17, 2015 I hate it when they do these limited time edition specialty drinks which probably all taste alike anyway. Admittedly, though, while part of me is disgusted… another part of me is curious. Curious about whether it’d look like a giant muddy mural version of a Dexter spatter if I bought twelve.. Read More

What happens when you mix PCP and bath salts?

Q: Hey, what do you get when you take PCP and Bath Salts and mix ‘em together? A: You don’t. You don’t take PCP. Or take bath salts. Much less mix ‘em. Well, one would hope that would be the answer, given the vast catalog of examples the internet has provided for us in various media forms. (Everyone remember the bath salts guy who got taken away on a stretcher?).. Read More

So Delicious creamer was so delish that I never read its death ingredients.

When I finally went vegan, my coffee creamer was the last thing to go. And by “go” – I mean get replaced by something non-animal but palatable. It was tough. Most vegan creamers are pureed defecation, chilled and boxed up for your enjoyment. But my decision wasn’t too tough once I found the wonder that is “So Delicious” coconut creamer. Unlike the soy or almond based fridge companions I chose.. Read More