Prodigal jogger P.2: No place like home. (After forest whoring around, of course).

Catch up with me, slowpoke. Read and e-run last entry’s trails (entrails?) South Valley Trail (8.7 miles) (They snapped the pic here because this is the widest the waterside path gets before you might fall off and drown.) Biggest plus: Crazy terrain bordering water Biggest disappointment: None. Much like the Lord of the Rings trilogy, this one’s a trail I’ll never actually finish in one go (never understood how those.. Read More

The prodigal jogger P.1: #newtrail review (part 1)

In my fat days (ten pounds ago – the most I’m willing to let myself go before committing seppuku with the same knife that’s preparing whatever I’ve been shoveling into my face), I always thought it might be fun to do food reviews. Or hotel reviews. Or maybe even reviewing that one annoying OnDemand narration that loops every 20 seconds while you’re trying your hardest to get to this week’s.. Read More