Paw-lity of life

Ah, dogs. They really do add to your quality of life. Ya know, if you don’t have too many. That said, I’m half afraid that my family and I might indeed end up featured on TLC for living under a layer of dog feces and fur before too long. My sister and I both have a dog – and now that we’ve gotten the itch for more – a new.. Read More

Help me I’m fine financially – but think shitty thoughts.

“The key is to live not in a poverty mindset – but one of abundance.” I heard this from my island dwelling hippie pal who’d be totally “off grid” if not for the fact that I met him through his youtube channel (so obviously they’ve got internet out there). But aside from that tech connection, this dude’s the real deal. He lives off of foraged fruit, built his own dwelling,.. Read More