Fitness blogger’s body photoshop vid was *almost* perfect…

On the heels of my fitness vlogger piece, comes a fitness blogger piece. Cassey Ho (who I didn’t even know was a thing until this viral video came out) recently did a sad skit meant to shine a spotlight on the cyberbullying issue (because all the real celebs who do sad videos seem to be having a great effect on actual bullying and not just looking more saintly while traipsing.. Read More

#1 way to look like a sexy food Youtuber: be a sexy food Youtuber.

Although I’ve ragged on Freelee’s rag-cup videos before, she does have some great diet inspo. It’s just that I dunno if the way the diet gets championed is a blanket answer for everyone whose lifestyles are so… different from hers. But let’s backtrack for a sec. First, I’ll say that I can’t argue that this “Raw till 4” (the routine where you eat mostly fruits all day and can eat.. Read More