WTF is a “free range kid”?

“Free Range… Kids”? When I first read that headline, I thought maybe I was gonna see a good diet article on how my omnivore friends can eat a baby goat without the guilt. Alas, it was just another article on bad parents. Ones who let their kids run around town free “without the worry”. And by “without worry” they mean “without supervision”. I’m actually not sure where the “without the.. Read More

“Beach body ready” ad: is it sexist?

Do you think this is sexist? When this advertisement from protein world popped up on a subway wall, posing the inquiry “Are you beach body ready?” (next to a model I assume was so photoshopped that they finally gave up on the blur tool altogether and finally just rendered her in an Inkwell Instagram filter before plopping her against a lemon background), the butthurt was strong. Especially in the feminist.. Read More

I superfail at lazy days

I said I was gonna do it. And glob-damn if I didn’t try my hardest. But it was a failed venture. I just… don’t get it. I used to be so good at these. The “lazy, fat, days”. The routine was simple in the old days when my sanguine traffic flow was consistently polluted with pharmaceuticals and I ate processed canned crap. I’d get up, ply the lipped fissure in.. Read More