Bruce Jenner interview: Musings on the 5 minutes I managed to watch.

God, help me, I tried to watch that Bruce Jenner/Diane Sawyer interview. If you’re a better human than I am and have somehow avoided cell phones, social media, and grocery market lines with their tabloids all but springing out at you jack-in-the-box style, and dunno WTF I’m talking about, then I applaud you. If not, then you already know I’m talking about the former fitness hero beloved and celebrated by.. Read More

Zella Day vs. Del Rey: can we even compare them?

Can anyone tell me why I’m just now discovering Zella Day? Oh, wait – you didn’t know who she was either? Until just now when I said her name? No worries, we’ll explore this gorgeous up and coming artist together. Because I literally just heard and saw her music video “Hypnotize” this morning. Technically, I think I heard it in a commercial or something before seeing the vid on Youtube.. Read More

Sia follow up: I had no idea she wrote for all these other peeps

Time to clear up the Sia thing. A few blogs ago, I thought mayhaps the talented Miss Sia had stolen that one song “Fire meet Gasoline” from Beyonce (“Halo”- the two sound alike, but at varying speeds). And, like many other people who haphazardly scrawl stuff out on the internet, I didn’t fact-check before posting. To be fair, I intentionally avoid doing too much “research” before I let the idea-bones.. Read More

Where is my god now?

Not a week after I write about my betrothed trail, do I get this big steaming pile of camel turd: That, ladies and gentlemen, is what they’re gonna do to my number one, wifey, go-to trail. A boardwalk. Right smack dab in the middle of my tranquility locale. My home away from home. Where my brain goes to rest theta style for a while, while my stems do all the.. Read More

Does anyone else’s brain rape the fun out of inspiring infographics?

Saw this li’l gem in my feed today: And I gotta admit – my first thought was, “Yeah, man! Next on deck’s so fuggin’ lucky they have no idea what they’re in for.” But then I got that twinge inside me that I always get when something sounds really good, but deep down I know it’s just because it coincides with what I want to believe about my narrow, spotless,.. Read More