Who wants to fund my genius reality show idea?

I know, I know. Reality shows are the bathsalts of all television programming – but hear me out. ‘cause I’ve got a real winner on deck here. And don’t ask me what spurred a concept for this brand of idea. Because the answer, probably lies somewhere in those morning hour ruminations. You know? Where you’re still half awake? And your brain’s become the bed in which your sister’s description of.. Read More

Do you even thrift, bro?

So, this is my new form of self-gratification entertainment: Lately, I’ve been Youtube binging on other runners who also have spiraled down the deep rabbit hole of nature cardio. Trail jogging junkies. And, I’m not even going to pretend that it’s like my other view gorge seshes. No. This shiz is next level. It’s like porn for your feet. The moment I watched the above one, the skin of my.. Read More

Out of the mouths of babes… literally.

Every vegan gets sick of hearing the same questions through a shit-eating grin: “Why’d you go vegan? Where’dya get your protein? What about those poor defenseless carrots herpderp?” And I guess what pisses me off about it is really more because I generally am not the one to bring it up rub-it-in-your-face style. (I’ve seen that and thought, “Think I’ll avoid that route”) People find out by probing; I only.. Read More

Scientifically demystifying spiritual stuff P3: The “heart chakra”

Next on science demystified: THE HEART CHAKRA The heart chakra is something that’s still Bin Laden level elusive to me on an application level. I mean – I’ll think I’ve got it in my cross hairs, but then it’ll die and randomly disappear (also like Bin Laden did). And that generally happens when I’m afraid (anxious, nervous, disgusted, etc). I suppose that jibes with the whole “Love versus Fear” thing.. Read More

Scientifically demystifying spiritual stuff P2: CHI flow

Next up on spirituality demystified is… CHI ENERGY I’m referring to this one as “chi” instead of the lower chakras, ’cause I tend to believe it all bubbles up from the same place. (Close… But like, slightly higher.) Whatever you call it, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. ’cause this one’s been of interest to me since the first day I felt it myself and almost leapt outta my.. Read More

Scientifically demystifying spiritual stuff P1: The “third eye”

I had a thought the other day while I was out jogging. Actually, it was more like a cascade of thoughts that my brain does when it’s desperate to take all that mind-body spiritual stuff (which I know for a fact works if you try) and link it up to a language my less airy-fairy rational brethren can comprehend. And you know what? I think, I’ve at least – in.. Read More