McDonald’s resorts to sex to sell their slop.

Jesus, they’re really floundering, Mc-Dee’s, aren’t they? I mean, first it was the too-late all-day breakfast offer after a million and four light years of people begging for it and not getting it. Then, more recently, it was them suddenly jumping on that whole delivery bandwagon – beginning with a few New York locales. And now? Now they’re going after the affable cartoony characters – starting with the Hamburglar. Apparently,.. Read More

What can we glean from Kylie’s faux pucker kerfuffle?

You know what I don’t like about KardBlock? That it doesn’t block this special brand of bullshit from my browser: Inescapable, that Koven is. This Jenner pucker kerfuffle has been pouring outta every corner of my screen (as well as a few newly ripped time space portals from the fourth dimension that don’t want it either). And, now, it’s just more reinforced news that’s unfortunately (unwelcomely) on my mind now… Read More

That moment when love silences the haters.

What’s the hardest habit you’ve ever had to quit in your life? Was it quitting the “binging and then complain about being fat” cycle? Chocolate or masturbation (or both… together)? Your only-gay-for-this-holiday lover? Whatever it was – what I’m even more interested to know is – what exactly was your final inspiration to change. What was the ultimate catalyst? Was it that you envisaged how much better your life would.. Read More