Banana pancakes v. bacon pancakes: who wins?

So, I was just singing along to my summer soundtrack today, when everything went wrong. True to summer form, I was bumping some Jack Johnson, and halfway through the lyric “…makin’ Banana Pancakes, pretend like it’s the weekend”, I started accidentally going off on a musical AdventureTime tangent (“makin’ bacon pancakes…”) And then, my thoughts went haywire from there. Just like anytime there’s any remote level of mind clashing synchronicity.. Read More

Put(t) your action pen to your reality paper

“Oh, we can’t do that today…” My dad and I had just shared a bit of convo over coffee the other day before heading out for a game of putt putt golf. The topic? “Creativity and inspiration”. I’m not sure how we got on the topic (probably me talking about how badly I was procrastinating on doing my writing for the day), but he started relating a story to me.. Read More

Piggyback blog: Handling adversity

“Tragedy is an ambush predator – learn to tame it.” Yes, that’s because (if you’re well read) you’ve seen that over at RichardLand. The brainmusement park that’s outdone itself yet again in expressing what I always wanna say but never can as eloquently or coherently with my 34 word sentences and irrelevant metaphors running in opposite directions like a posse of cockroaches being approached. (See?) For instance, his recent piece.. Read More

You’re either setting a good or bad habit. Right this second.

Don’t ask me why, but this quote on the mind kinda blew mine the other day: “Whatever you’re doing, right now, you’re physically altering the structure of your brain to become better at it.” It seems simple. And I shouldn’t have been that wowed by it. But, as a habit-hacking seeker who constantly gets trapped by my own tedious tendencies, it grabbed me on more than one level. Whatever you.. Read More

I feel like sloths are just trolling us.

Logically, I get it. Sloths are innately slow creatures. We’re all just supposed to accept that and believe they’re not lying arseholes. We even use the two words interchangeably – it’s why the junkie in Se7en got strapped to a bed and force-fed dope into his veins till he ate his own tongue off. (Best PSA for drugs ever.) But, still, sometimes I can’t accept that they aren’t just trolling.. Read More