Twice a hero: vet saved dog from hot car

And now for a heartwarming story. One about a dog whose heart (and every other organ) was almost over-warmed to the point of going night-night fur-ever, when his owner left him roasting in an oven on wheels. A Desert Storm army vet turned into a twice-over hero when he broke the glass and rescued the poor panting pup from a hotboxed vehicle. The critter’d been left with no water whatsoever.. Read More

Finally, a death simulator!

Fkkn finally… A death simulator is here. When I read about this new 4D thrill (or “shrill”, as they call it) ride in China that simulates death, cremation, and being reborn – I was excited. But admittedly, I wasn’t as excited as I could be. That’s just because I’ve long said that I wish there was a virtual reality experience that brought you as close to death as possible so.. Read More

For better or gross: Thoughts on Dadbods ‘n Mombods

So, I was tagged in this post today about the rise of the “Dadbod”- asking for my opinion. So, I suppose I’ll sound off. The feather-ruffling essentially surrounds the whole double standard of how moms are expected to maintain an acceptable level of body karate, while “Dadbod” gets championed (beer belly, low maintenance, poorly manicured facial hair, and other miscellaneous things to add to the nitpick list). Ya know, like.. Read More