I’ll take the Oprah roll with a side of wasabi, thx.

You wanna know what’s worse than seeing celebrities in my Facebook sidebar? Thinking I’m seeing a celebrity’s name when it’s something else I might actually be interested in. Before you know it, a title about this creature called an “opah” fish is forcing me to think about Oprah Winfrey. Along with a series of facepalm worthy mentally constructed montages of all the times she’s compared guests who are mourning lost.. Read More

Sorcery: HTF are these worms floating?

I’ve long said the forest is magical… …but I wasn’t expecting the worm version of some Harry Potter shiz as soon as the weather warmed. Somehow, I don’t recall seeing these things this time last year. But then again, that might’ve just been because I was too preoccupied with doing a complete and constant, frame by frame while in motion, optical securing of the perimeter to make sure there weren’t.. Read More

5 tips to nix binge eating

“I guess I’ll just go eat my feelings now.” It’s a common catchphrase you’ll hear me jokingly say. And a common jest for many others too. Using food to deal with feels. But what do you think of when you hear “eating disorder”? A Youtube montage of sad, skeletal waifs set to Sia’s “Breathe Me”? Meant to be a deterrent, but really acting as more of motivation for aspiring anorexics?.. Read More