Superhero Crush Sunday: Finn ‘n Jake

I just want to take a moment to thank the genius creators of Adventure Time. And my friends who – after eons of prodding – got me into it finally, a couple years ago. I remember thinking, “Why the eff would I voluntarily take time to watch a cartoon?” Sometimes I’d watch Family Guy, but even Peter & Co. had gotten old by that juncture. Funny – but formulaic with.. Read More

Are you an A.M. or P.M. person? What if you could be both?

When creative writing is your job, you’re always looking for creative solutions for everything. How to maximize productivity, how to cultivate creativity, where to seek motivation, and even life applications – like how to outsmart your internal pity parties. It took me a bit to realize that the two (work related and personal) can help one another out. That’s likely because I did a lot of reading. And when I.. Read More

What I learned from MothMiley’s cunnilingus cover

I might have to renege on a recent post suggestion I made. Remember the floating oak worms? And how I made this long, drawn out emotional appeal to save them and carry them over to some foliage so that they can finish feasting and eventually metamorphosis into angelic, fluttering beauty? Well, I didn’t think that through. ‘cause if this shiz below is what we’ve all got to look forward to,.. Read More

Would you be more willing to strip for science? Or art?

“You’ll all be seeing each other in your swimsuits. You just have to get used to it.” I heard this a few months ago from a lead instructor in the physical therapy assistant program I’m trying to get into. And, I’ll be honest, it was slightly jarring. I mean, there’s this constant clash in my mind of “it’s just a body – who cares? You’re a free spirit! We’re all.. Read More