Human Centipede director hopes somepsycho copies his work

Well, kinda. It’s implied by director Tom Six, at least, in this VICE interview I just read: In the movies, characters keep repeating that this stuff is 100 percent medically accurate, and that you could really do it. It almost seems like it’s your intention to make somebody copy it. Do you want someone to create a real human centipede? Uh… It would be great marketing, of course, if it.. Read More

Why the fluff should I forgive YOU?

I love a good quote. ‘specially one dubbed “PHUCKYOQUOTE”: (Eff your quote? Or Eff YOU? Misspelled?) Either way, I found this little line of thought to be particularly interesting today. Espesh with respect to that one line on “forgiveness”. Mostly ‘cause I myself have been trying to strike a balance lately between not being an asshole while also authentically expressing my genuine feelings and respecting my own needs. And how’m.. Read More