Wet Hot American Summer is a series now?!

Wait… there’s a “Wet Hot American Summer” Netflix series? When the sweater fondler did this shiz happen? You see? This is the karmic injustice I end up getting dealt for nearly never watching T.V. anymore. I miss out on the good stuff. I end up outta the loop about the fact that one of my favorite summer camp movies is being made into hours of entertainment for me to waste.. Read More

Cyborg surgery – coming soon!

“Better, same, or worse?” *click click* “Better? Or just smaller?” I’m not sure which part about going to the optometrist for a prescription update I hate more. It could be the never-ending exam. Or it might be the bit where I’ve gotta try to decipher the top line of letters on a wall sheet (when I can’t even see the sheet. Or the wall). Then again, it could just be.. Read More

I can teach this fish to walk?

It was somewhere around 5ish when the sushi craving began to take hold. Don’t ask me why I referenced Fear and Loathing just now, but I expect it’s likely the fact that all I could think of was that scene with the melting reptilian bog dwelling creatures as I went from having said craving… to reading this article about a walking fish. Perfect timing. Not that I eat fish anyway.. Read More