5 things I woke up (that are so not Beyonce)

I’ve got that stupid Beyonce lyric in my head. (Those pajamas look terribly uncomfortable.) I dunno why. Certainly not a desire to partake in the hashtag meme – ‘cause my wakeup’s are far from Sleeping Beauty post coma selfie worthy. At least, I assume they are. I had the mirror removed from the ceiling over my bed after Patrick Bateman and I broke up so there’s no way of knowing.. Read More

Self-conscious? Or self-aware?

What’s the difference between being self-conscious and self-aware? This one’s been a struggle for me. Even though I “know” deep down where the disparity lies, it’s one’a those things that you never truly “get” until you apply it practically – over and over again – in an actual array of ego splitting scenarios you view as opportunities to become more of that latter thing (self-aware) while you grow out of.. Read More