2 years later, I figure out what Upstream Color’s about.

Recently, after my musings about my affinity for sci-fi romances, I had an epiphany about one of my all time faves: Upstream Color. A couple years back, I wrote this long and disjointed piece about it because – while I loved this shit outta this film – I didn’t quite “get” it. The music was fantastic. The cinematography was next-level. The acting was superb. But, when I tried to explain.. Read More

Death to the inphotels! (ISIS selfie induced suicide)

They always say to be careful what you post online. Photos, posts, tweets, cheeky links… it’s all indelibly inked into your digital journal. Not that anybody ever listens. I mean, in my culture, that typically just means stuff like “Don’t rant about your job!” (’cause your boss might see it). Or: “Don’t get your address in the picture of your house!” (‘cause that one weirdo you forgot to delete from.. Read More