Eff casual Friday. I want baseball cap Everydays.

I’m only a few weeks into working outside the home, but I already would like to make a motion. Specifically – for baseball caps to be part of the accepted attire. Not just at my awesome new job. I mean everywhere – at every job. (Even tyrants in training) ’cause in the past year, my own go-to head shield of choice has come to be an extension of my scalp… Read More

Just another reason to adore Zella Day

So, Zella Day made my day by releasing this new music video: Granted, not much is happening here. But if you read my prior pieces on her, you’ll know I could watch this bish watch paint dry and still be mesmerized. (Anyone who can pull off overalls and a bra without looking whorey wins some kinda affinity award from me.) Plus, it made me want to do what any blossoming.. Read More

What I learned from screw-icidal mice

Jesus. I thought I had a fckkd up relache with sex. But then I read about this animal today called the Antechinus – who forks for fourteen hours at a time, OD’s on his own testosterone, and then finally dies ‘cause his immune system goes out. (On the upside, he doesn’t have to stick around to raise the kids seeing as they’re burying his bones while he’s still got a.. Read More