How death dealing dirt cliffs teach you confidence

“Confidence.” For some reason, this word was banging around in my brain during my first run of the day. That happens a lot to me, but usually it’s stupid terms that end up having silly and useless synchronicity I can’t do anything with (like that time I couldn’t get the word “bike” outta my head – and when I went to the gym, that was the only machine open #CosmicEyeroll)… Read More

Starbucks’ sizes are weird because you’re fat.

Gather round, children. I’ve had a life changing epiphany. I finally get why the sizes at Starbucks are so effing weird. You know what I mean, right? Like, how “grande” would actually be “large” compared to the smaller size they call a “tall”. But then that can’t be right, ‘cause they’ve got the “venti” – which is actually what we consider the biggest – so it makes negative zero sense.. Read More