A Rose by any other name still shouldn’t throw profeshade on Twitter

If only I were famous, I’d never have to deal with the problems peons do anymore. Like calories, aging, or getting fired for shit talking about my fellow professionals on Twitter. Right? Even though she literally got fired for doing that last one, we’re gonna employ the lovely Rose McGowan as a public cautionary tale example of how no one’s free from that. Even in the celebrity realm. ’cause homegirl.. Read More

College creates “texting” lane. And our freeways should too.

“What an idiot,” I thought as I shade-threw at the girl in the lane next to me who was texting on a phone sheathed in a neon green otter box. “Way too easy for a cop to see,” I continued judging as I looked back down to finish my own text message her idiocy had interrupted. This is the part where the “I do it too” part of the joke.. Read More

Workaround to Gmail’s crappy unsend feature

What a load of crap this new email “unsend” feature is. If you’re lost already, don’t worry. I am too. Because when I heard that Gmail had finally catered to one of the interweb’s most frequently entered search engine keyword combos (third, I assume, right after “hentai” and “goats in pajamas” #educatedguesses), I thought exactly three things: 1.) Don’t they already have a shitty version of that at the moment?.. Read More