Brain-channel epilogue

As I published my brainhack article… I realized I’ve forgotten something (ironic?). What to avoid. For example, you may have noticed how on that list, I haven’t included the likes of “screw (alone or not), stuff your face, or have a Netflixathon”. Worry not. I didn’t forget those items. They’ve been intentionally left out only because I’ve done the field research in this area and can successfully conclude the following:.. Read More

10 anti-anxiety channels for your brain remote.

You know that feeling you get when you hear the OnDemand menu or DVD intro on loop? But you can’t find the remote to change it? So you just have to keep hearing it like some prisoner-of-war camp torture method? That’s kinda how anxiety-inducing thoughts are for me. Same annoying thing running circles in my head. And just like the jailers with the war prisoners, it’s usually doing that because.. Read More

Fresh pressed high fructose corn syrup, anyone?

I guess I was a few months late when I posted this and the comment reply: (Greg’s default is a nice retrospective foreshadowing to the pranky skittle-shake which you’ll see in a sec.) ‘cause Jimmy Kimmel’d already beat me to it back in January, apparently. And, yes, it’s everything I’d dreamed of. I’ll be honest. We health nuts can get pretty annoying. In retrospect, even that post I made back.. Read More