For all the effort people are putting into the Harlem Shake videos, I’d expected the original to be pretty awesome once I finally found it.

I was sorely mistaken.

I suppose internet memes, unlike movies, are an area where the sequels and remakes stand a good chance of outdoing the OG versions, and where the “less is more” rule can simultaneously apply. My case today will be made by dancing dogs! It’s not my favorite meme (and the song gets increasingly annoying each time you hear it); but the puppies are cute, so just fast forward to the good stuff 🙂 The editing and outfits on this one were fun:

No outfits here, but two points to Ruff-en-dore, nonetheless, for making it look like the one with the blue hair tie is doing a lion growl at the end:

And finally, a solo effort by this adorable puff ball named Ding Ding. Nice moves!

I was going to also add a few I found controversial to see if anyone else agreed. Some people think nothing of animal mistreatment in order to attempt internet-fame. It’s one thing to quickly take a cute puppy picture or get creative on video when there’s no harm done; but I refuse to make anyone money who shakes around a dog to the point where he’s snapping at his own owner, looks terrified, and has his tail between his legs in fear the entire time.

Anthropomorphism is fun, but not when it’s at your pup’s expense. Besides, with the “less is more” hierarchy, excess isn’t necessarily the best. Anyway, kudos to the creative people above. Ding Ding for the win!