So, this bish was born without a cerebellum (a crucial part of your brain).

And she’s just finding out.

After 24 years.

Not only was talking an issue (she didn’t speak until age six), but she also couldn’t walk until age seven. After that, homegirl must have had some magic ruby slippers for the rest of her life in order to get through it in any ambulatory sorta way ’cause a cerebellum’s pretty effing crucial. I mean, if it wasn’t around to perform any of those crucial-to-not-dying tasks like coordination, precision, and accurate timing – what was her brain functioning on for the past two decades and some change?

Sunshine and fairy dust?

I knew it.

Actually, science has blown my own mind, cerebellum n’ all, by showing how she (and only eight other folk in the world who lived sans a cerebellum) had this unique phenomena happen: the neighboring brain parts take over for the job of the missing dude. Ya know – kinda like how when your coworker takes off for a week and they don’t ask someone else to cover for them? So you have to cover two jobs? And still not get a raise? Yeah. Like that. #realtalk The doctors suspect the diligent multitasker to be the cerebral cortex covering for a congenitally MIA ‘bellum who bailed before birth, leaving nada but a sac of cerebrospinal fluid in its place.

But, ya know, they aren’t sure.

Could still be butterflies and Tinkerbell powder.

I guess the only real question I have left is – WTF did she wait until she was halfway through life to ask the doctor? Homegirl started talking and walking several years behind the rest of the class and her parents didn’t think to take her in? Then again, the chick was Asian. And a girl. And we all know that if you arrived from a vagina with a vagina in China before the one-child policy loosened up, you’d already committed an offense. You’re just lucky to have landed yourself a family that didn’t make your nursery the back alley furnished with a dumpster bassinet. So maybe she tried her hardest to fake fine. It’s almost like her brain went into survival mode when she wasn’t medically coddled into finding a diagnosis and crying over it. Kinda cool, actually. But I still need to know why it took her so long after becoming an adult to get help?

Do you just assume you’re some graceless gargoyle living in an endless gag-reel?

What was the final “I don’t know how to life” straw for her?

And is it racist to ask if this might be a common undocumented thing among Asian women?

Who drive?


Okay, I won’t ask then. :/