Duh, why didn’t I think of this…?

So, not terribly long ago, I wondered which actor could possibly do the Beast justice in the upcoming Disney live-action fairy tale remake. My last blog on this expressed my usual eyeroll-smirk reaction to these sortsa live-action things (being forced to see Phantom of the Opera felt like all my senses had taken a holiday at Guantanamo). But, it being among my favorite childhood fairy tale cartoons which probably helped contribute to me acquiring a screwed view of the world (“When will my prince come, mama? If I stay with a man I hate long enough, mama, will he grow on me? Why am I asking you questions about relationships when I’m 8 and the only appropriate contenders are interested in Hot Wheels and which is their favorite mutant ninja turtle?”), I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t intrigued. And if my previously mild curiosity about it wasn’t enough, the news of who’s going to play our favorite spellbound prince sure is.

Because for once – they got it right.

Even though the choice of Miss Watson wasn’t so elementary-my-dear of an obvious choice (in my mind, at least – just sayin’), they definitely chose an apprope hottie for the furry lead when they nabbed Dan Stevens. Duh. Why didn’t I think of that when I was throwing around ideas? (Oh. Right. Because I hadn’t seen anything he’d acted in yet.) Before I was kinda thinking of rugged Charlie H. from SOA being a good bad boy with a nice streak rippling through his gooey center – perfect for the right book-a-philic chick to come along and transform. But I can admit when someone has a better idea than I do (note I said “can” – not that I always “do”). And Stevens could def do far better, as he transitions from “The Guest” to “Be Our Guest”, maintaining that ass-kicking aura I just enjoyed seeing him exude in the last flick he did.

I’ll close by saying that if you haven’t seen that movie yet, bring all your current activities to a halt and do so now.

Or just enjoy this clip blow

And then try to tell me the Beast v. Gaston scene isn’t the part you’re looking forward to the most.

(Makes me laugh every time. Must be the cheesy-kung-fu sound effects)