Last month, my computer caught syphilis and bit the dust.

Then, like Jesus, it came back to me in a few days.

Also like Jesus, it was thusly put to use instantly for purposes other than that for which it was intended.

Namely, music listening. That’s not that bad really – but what is a travesty is that my itunes assimilation is now fkkd four ways to Friday (is that a thing? or did I just make it up? moving on…) Anyone have this happen to them?

Since I reformatted my computer, I can’t download any music that’s not-of-itunes – yes, even the free stuff. That means, when I happen across such serenity-sirens as the diamond in the rough, Canadian queen called Sea Oleena, I would be totally deprived of listening to her reverberating wonderment as I cruised aimlessly in the sunshine, with the windows down at spring’s outset.

I’ve had enough of this Orwellian world where my laptop and ipod have full on discussions without me (and probably conspire my demise while I sleep). No more Big Brother-esque ads based off my Google searches! Quit advancing my clocks for me automatically! And, for the love of god:


…are you actually kidding me with this shit?

Anyway, my grandaddy once spat some wisdom at me as we sat watching Daria together:

“There’s more than one way to skin a cat.”

Writing that just now, I realize:

1. Why my favorite figures of speech are sorta morbid.

2. He’s right.

3. I’m not smart or awake enough to figure out the workaround right now.

Yep. I might be deprived of adding updated ambient ear candy to my ipod so that I can plug it into my brain box and lock out the world on days when that’s precisely what’s needed.

However, the good news for you, is that until I figure out what the solution is, I’ve compiled and am now gifting you this bit of imminent Springtime S[ear]enity in the form of a playlist I plan to add to (suggestions welcome).

You’re welcome in advance.

What am I forgetting?

Oh, right.

Just to see how ardently I’m being monitored: