So, Zella Day made my day by releasing this new music video:

Granted, not much is happening here.

But if you read my prior pieces on her, you’ll know I could watch this bish watch paint dry and still be mesmerized. (Anyone who can pull off overalls and a bra without looking whorey wins some kinda affinity award from me.) Plus, it made me want to do what any blossoming young addict to a new drug like Day does: exhaust the remainder of her music video collection (for the millionth time). And while it maybe took a million views for me to “get it”, I finally had the “duh” version of an Aha moment when I watched “No Sleep To Dream” again. How I failed to comprehend the metaphor before is so facepalm-y that I’m almost embarrassed to share it. But that’s part of what MissAshleyPants is about. Barfing my foibles out to make you feel better about yourselves.

First, you tell me if it’s as obvi to you as it should’ve been to me:

Get it?

Like… the telescope is meant to be representative of her evolving world view? It starts out small as she’s wandering around and lost. And she can’t connect that well with people like that dude in the beginning ‘cause it’s so limited. Then she goes to party with those other hippies at what looks like some sorta Shamanic ceremony (probably with brain bombing psychedelic mycorrhizae and teas) to blow open her consciousness. And when she comes outta it, she’s all freaked out that her mini-scope (narrow life outlook) is gone. ‘cause now she doesn’t know how to see the world or what to believe about it – just that everything she thought she knew was wrong (“whoooah…. Matrix”). So, then, as she’s stumbling around in the dark, she gets offered a far larger telescope – to observe worlds beyond the small optical range her former one provided. To see the whole universe. At first I thought the bit with the eyes in the sky was kinda rando, but then I realized that it’s like an artsy version of that one Alan Watts quote I once heard:

“You don’t look out there for God, something in the sky; you look in you.”

In the end, the takeaway is to take away your limiting belief system about god being something external.

Ironically, that’s harder when the one delivering that message gives me reasons like this video to worship her.