Quick! Name one Pacino flick where he doesn’t shout at all (and no opening another browser tab, window, or your phone to cheat either).

Such is actually the premise for one of my go to statements regarding ridiculous plans or concepts that make no sense to me. For instance, someone recently mentioned a future gathering (I think it was to be a work party at which there would be no alcohol), which led to my usual reply for such situations: “A work party with no alcohol? That’s like an Al Pacino movie without any yelling in it!”

Interestingly enough, not long after said convo, an actual Al Pacino documentary came on Logo or IFC – called “Finding Richard” or “looking for Richard”- about some Shakespearean flick he did with Kevin Spacey.


I was half listening while stretching, when – lo and behold – my friend whose name happens to also be Richard sent me a message not-Pacino-style-yelling-but-kind-of-at-me for not staying on top of my writing.

So in the name of turning my situation into subject matter, I jotted ideas down in my phone’s “notes” section about all of these paradoxically random related concepts tying together, subsequently failed to make a worthy entry about it, and instead settled for enlisting the aid of a fellow youtube poster to prove that I’m not the only one who finds Pacino pieces unfulfilling sans screaming:

(I ended up having to steal it, because he was being precious about letting others embed it. And yes, I filmed it with a potato.)

That’s all. The end.

Oh wait, you didn’t finish your quiz! So… here’s the answer: “Author! Author!”; Al Pacino did very little yelling in that movie, I think (but let’s take a moment to appreciate the fact that they used exclamation points in the title to compensate for that fact).

What’s that? “What movie was ‘Author! Author!’?” you ask?

My point exactly.