As often as I see these stories, I still sit there slack-jawed and captivated every damn time.

And that goes for my humankind’s acts of kindness on the tracks too. A dude jumping on top of another dude while the train moves above them both. A man in a full on fancy business suit, hopping into the track to carry a fallen hobo out just in time. The reverse of that (which is always exponentially more heartwarming). Or – that footage you see of people snatching a suicidal someone back at the last moment. Some of them silently go about their day after that, happy to be unsung, and just glad they didn’t have to witness bloodshed and could help prevent it. Others hit the jackpot by sticking around when the cameras show up to detail the drama in which they starred as the hero – followed by slews of interviews for which they’ll also get paid until they become a temporary household name. I’m not saying that’s bad. When you’ve done a good or moral thing, only you can decide if that merits fame and financial reward versus cheapening it somehow. And I’m certainly not here to judge – but I’ve seen it go either way.

And I suppose what makes it interesting for me is how these monkey’s don’t even think of it.

Homie didn’t wait around for a banana reward after a good 20 minutes of his life spent reanimated his pal.

It’s not that they’re too dumb, either. In social situations, they’re always looking for a kind of “fame” within the context of gaining approval from the higher ranking guys and forming alliances. But when shit hits the fan (assuming they didn’t throw it there themselves), like it did with this electrified simian, they’re devoted to no more than saving their bro. No trophy needed. No Oprah interview rehashing the same story until it starts sounding like a hyperbolic parody of itself. No bringing it up in a week when they start sparring over that hot chick with the red ass (“I saved your life, man! Stand down!”) None of that B.S. us fleshy fame whores do. Just a level: swag mic drop and walk away combo – as soon as his buddy comes back from the dead and starts dizzily swaying around.

The moment’s over. No need to talk about it.

Thank me? For saving your life? Pssh – that was like five minutes ago. Who cares? What’s for dinner?

Mayhaps we could all stand to “monkey see monkey do” the same as these monkey saviors.