The Value of Life

A man – let’s call him Bob – excels at what he does. He is championed, considered a hero, and beloved among many. Then, one day, an awful secret is discovered about him. For years, “Bob” has (with the help of accomplices) been running an underground ring for the exploitation of children – having them do obscene and horrible things. Fighting one another to the death. Starving and depriving them.. Read More

Dexter. Maiden Voyage.

After much coaxing and a tad of extra time, I decided to heed my friend Richard’s demand to embark on a DexterThon so that we can ultimately host the ultimate E-SlumberParty; Comprising a slough of furious plunking on our keyboards and phones to one another, and saying things like “OMG wasn’t that one scene the BEST?!!?!!!!1” Were he here, we might also braid hair, paint nails together, giggle, and talk.. Read More

The Imaginarium… Reviewed

After watching “The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus” for the first time, I had one thought: “WTF just happened?” So, obviously, I took advantage of the fact OnDemand’s rent-a-movie option, while overpriced, allows you 24 hours to review your film choice, and watched the movie all over again. After viewing 2, I resigned myself to the fact that there were a few factors I might not ever truly “get”. From the.. Read More

NDM1 – Coming to a hospital near you!!

Since the dawn of Penicillin, bugs have been finding ways to combat our antibiotics. Why? Natural selection. Every time a species reproduces, the next generation will have some kind of mutation – a change in the genetic structure that preceded it. Sometimes these are bad mutations – and those members of the population die off. Sometimes, however, these mutations allow the species to live longer and survive more obstacles. Think.. Read More

Felt and Funbags

So, for those of you who don’t catch the fluff pieces that pop up in entertainment news, Katy Perry was a guest on Ses. Street, and thus did a virgin version of “Hot and Cold” to duet with the beloved Elmo. Naturally, naysayers popped into the picture – especially those who knew she was the “I Kissed A Girl” girl and immediately tried to combat the kid friendly diddy from.. Read More

Thought of the Day (Hurricane 2010?)

I thought about it today and decided: if the results of the BP oil spill are to mix with the predicted upcoming storms, they should *definitely* dub it… “Hurricane-a Gasoliiina”!!! 😉

Fa(t)shion Faux Pas

July, 2010 – A slender woman, and frequent flyer, gets “booted” from her seat on Southwest airlines. Why? An obese 14 year old Vegas bound passenger needed said seat. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not here to spread hate to the overweight. I get it. You’ve got an obese mom, or, dad, or best friend – whatever. This isn’t about you; What bothers me the most is the lack.. Read More

The Emperor’s New Clothes

I once dated a dolt who never ever said he was sorry. The only justifiable facet of the fact that he could never admit being wrong or saying sorry, was that he really didn’t mean it. Ever. He literally thought that he was always right to everyone, everywhere. I never heard akin to “I’m wrong”, “You’re right”, or “I’m sorry” to anyone. Anywhere. Ever. Friend or foe. Family or Stranger… Read More

Thought of the Day

As I was guiding one of my patients through Physical Therapy activities today, one of them paid me a compliment. He and I have a jovial dynamic, so I responded (jokingly) by saying “Oh, you’re just flattering me because I’m the one who issues all these challenging activities to you!” His reply was, “Yes…well, I don’t want to upset the same person who makes me do all these difficult exercises!!”.. Read More