And now, for an entry on an entry:

“Dog Saves Woman From Violent Sexual Assault”, reads the headline.

To my delight, it’s about a rescue dog who (as one commenter points out), “Rescues her (his owner) right back” after she nearly get’s Bundy’d by some dude hiding in the bushes. Firstly: Good call on the Pretty Woman reference, but (secondly) as cute as this story is, don’t they say, the dog “bolted out the door and down the street”? You know… the same place she ended up getting quasi-brutalized and wouldn’t have if he’d been obedient? Sounds to me like he was the cause of the problem and just cleaning up his own dirty work.

No hate on the dog, though. He’s just a dog.

He probably just had to pee really badly. For holding it in that long, I say, “Kujos!” I mean, “Kudos!”

And, lastly:


I found it funny that the dog is (among other mixes) a German Shepherd, and he literally “Shepherded” her against Eurotrash.

Is that term racist when it’s about a rapist?