Brain-channel epilogue

As I published my brainhack article… I realized I’ve forgotten something (ironic?). What to avoid. For example, you may have noticed how on that list, I haven’t included the likes of “screw (alone or not), stuff your face, or have a Netflixathon”. Worry not. I didn’t forget those items. They’ve been intentionally left out only because I’ve done the field research in this area and can successfully conclude the following:.. Read More

Best way to get over a flu? Get over yourself.

So, I got the flu for the first time in years this week. I suppose that’s just the risk you run when you start being a social creature again. And, indeed, my till-now situation for many moons had been kinda like that tribe we found over in the Amazon who’d never previously made contact with the outside world. And what’d we do to ’em? What we always do. Spread our.. Read More

3 Hypnoses you can try, at your own risk.

I always wanted to try hypnosis. But I’ve never done it professionally because, well, that’s a lot of effing trust in a person. A person like you or me capable of beauty and evil alike. And you don’t know which one they’ll do to you once given total dominion over your mind and body. But with the advent of Youtube, self-hypnosis with the help of pre-recorded narrations made that problem.. Read More

Self-forgiving: cure for procrastination? Or a procrastinate-y cure?

Am I watching science news here? Or an episode of Soul Pancake? Recent research is claiming that when it comes to tasks like test preparation or deadline meeting, we may not be able to salvage that “too late” point between something like a professor’s announcement and exam – but what we can do is improve our chances of not setting a screw-yourself-over precedence for the future by eschewing self-flagellation. And.. Read More