Monica Lewinsky gave TED oration.

A.) How has no one else used my title as clickbait yet? B.) Monica Lewinsky? Doing… a TED talk? (This is my new “Chloe at Disneyland”. You’re welcome.) Now, I try to be open minded when it comes to hearing what people have to say. So, when I heard that Monica Lewinksy’d done a talk for TED, I tried my hardest to curb the eyeroll and hear her out. Unfortunately,.. Read More

Middle school haircuts… with a purpose.

To my ladies: ever cut off your own hair as a kid? And then your mom yelled at you all the way to the hairdresser? Who subsequently fashioned the top of your head into the tip of a penis? I was going to hunt down an actual retro-me photo, when I happened upon this near-doppelganger film still of Jim instead. I shitchya not – there’s a photo of me at.. Read More