Bellybutton challenge: jokes on U.S.?

I thought things couldn’t get worse than the cinnamon and chili pepper challenges. But this latest finger-navel reach-around business somehow manages to be a universe and a half worth of worse. If it’s new to you, here’s an Asian celeb doing it: And this show off:

Finally, a death simulator!

Fkkn finally… A death simulator is here. When I read about this new 4D thrill (or “shrill”, as they call it) ride in China that simulates death, cremation, and being reborn – I was excited. But admittedly, I wasn’t as excited as I could be. That’s just because I’ve long said that I wish there was a virtual reality experience that brought you as close to death as possible so.. Read More

“Asses to asses… Bust to bust”

Some things just go well together. Like peanut butter and jelly. Butter and popcorn. Sex… and death. Yep. You heard me right. After seeing a “in weird news” piece today about China tryn’a stop people from hiring strippers for funeral services, I wondered – when was this ever a thing to begin with? It sounds more like a cross between a Will Ferrell movie sub-plot and something that’d be reserved.. Read More