Miss Ashley Pants


Dexter’s New Girlfriend

I was re-watching last Sunday's Dexter (missed the first half when it aired) today post work, when I realized two things.

First: "Haxter" - for obvious reasons - would make the ideal portmanteau of their names.

Second: Although we all imagined how death table sex might be since season one, it wasn't any less hot once it finally happened.

And letter C - As Haxter initiated the wiener waltz, I thought, "Hey, she (Hannah) looks familiar!"

Okay. That's three things. Anyway, back to my point:

Anybody else think she looks a WHOLE lot like the chick from Tristan & Isolde?

My cheesey comment was going to be, "Dexter wraps up Hannah and Hannah wraps up Franco - and then *cue to end of Ring-around-the-Rosie sing song voice♪*They.All.Have.SEX!♪"

But, alas, I was mistaken.

Finally, after I could no longer stand it, I conferred with Google to see if I was the only one in the world who perceived the pair as seeming strikingly similar. Now, I can sleep better tonight knowing someone shares my sentiments:

Oh, nowww I see the diff. Kind of.