Twice a hero: vet saved dog from hot car

And now for a heartwarming story. One about a dog whose heart (and every other organ) was almost over-warmed to the point of going night-night fur-ever, when his owner left him roasting in an oven on wheels. A Desert Storm army vet turned into a twice-over hero when he broke the glass and rescued the poor panting pup from a hotboxed vehicle. The critter’d been left with no water whatsoever.. Read More

Soldiers’ dogs that *my* dog should learn from.

Maybe I should join the military. That way my dog can love me as much as all these other dogs gone viral do when their humans return from deployment. I mean these mother fluffers get next-level amped at the sight of their soldier guardians, and mine just lays there like I’m some banal phantom when I meander back through my front door. She might put forth just enough effort to.. Read More

So *that’s* why I love dogs more than babies

Remember that rescue dog I wrote about a couple weeks back? Well, we got her. After calling her a litany of randomly confusing names that probably turned the poor fuzzy fckker schizophrenic, my mom and sister settled on “Baby Girl” as her official title. (Ironic, given her gargantuan proportions.) And, I’ve got to admit, I love her almost as much as I love durian or jogging. The behemoth hound weighs.. Read More

Paw-lity of life

Ah, dogs. They really do add to your quality of life. Ya know, if you don’t have too many. That said, I’m half afraid that my family and I might indeed end up featured on TLC for living under a layer of dog feces and fur before too long. My sister and I both have a dog – and now that we’ve gotten the itch for more – a new.. Read More