Foods that make you go ew, oh, and aghh! (Part 1)

Food is fuel, they say. But what kinda side effects is our food-fuel having on our body car? Can some of it make me tan? Make me ooze aqueous salt stank? Drive me bat shit crazy? The answer is: yes. According to science. Per an article I just read, there are at least six dietary noms (can’t touch on ‘em all in one day, can we?) that can monumentally eff.. Read More

5 things everyone (not just chicks) can learn.

I found this fun “ways women are disconnected from themselves” article today. This “line em up and knock ‘em down” list of what we’re doing wrong and how to sort it out bothered me for two reasons. First was because these gender-wallow articles always make me feel like I’m part of some melancholic coven. Like if Daria, Janine Garafalo, and the daughter from Roseanne had all started a sorority under.. Read More

5 things we can learn from these animals

Much like all of non-human nature, I learn a lot from my dog. I learn the value of rest, the simple bliss experienced at the touch of another creature, how to properly greet someone I haven’t seen all day (or for ten minutes), and how to really revel in the delight of dinnertime – spilling the contents of my bowl everywhere. A happy, joyous, slob. And, thanks to the joint.. Read More

6 things you won’t hear me say.

“Said no person ever.” It’s a popular funny-’cause-it’s-true phrase. Everything from “I love Mondays” to “That was a really good Kardashian episode and I learned a lot” can fit above that four worded phrase we love to employ. However, being the narcissist that I am, I just had to whittle it down to pertain to me specifically recently. And, as I share six of my own with you, maybe I’ll.. Read More