Ashley’s Asanas: 4 renamed yoga poses

Ya know, of the yoga docs I’ve seen, all the old Indian men say the same thing about Westernized yoga. Between the commercialization, the teachers traipsing in late – green drink in hand, and the mantras uttered in perfunctory fashion with nada background knowledge on what it actually means, we’ve lost the meaning of yoga. Lost it in transatlantic translation. The literal def, the big time spiritual OG’s will tell.. Read More

#30daysofnewthings: breathe and strike a pose

If I regret anything about tattoos, it’s that I didn’t get another one. Don’t worry – I’m only half serious. But had I gotten another, it’d have definitely been a watch on my wrist that says “JUST BREATHE, BITCH.” As a chronic spastic, I have so much trouble remembering the first rule of life club: breathe. Suck in air. Push it out. It’s so simple, yet I find myself suffering.. Read More