Learning: can being dumber make you smarter?

“Don’t… know… how to… information…” I was sitting under the spring sun the other day, studying, and trying to get a good base tan for the impending skimpy-clothes weather (although I’m 200 years old now, so there’s an inverse relache between skimpiness and self respect at this point). And all I could think of was the above. Actually, that’s a lie. I was thinking plenty. But all I could manage.. Read More

Finally, a RomCom teaches a lesson (albeit indirectly).

Anyone remember that movie “He’s Just Not That Into You”? Whenever it comes on and I happen to be in a channel flipping (AKA mindless/stupid/lazy) mood, I end up watching a little bit of it. It’s mostly for the half naked scenes with ScarJo and BradCoop. But it’s also for some of the fun dialog. And to torture myself by trying to will Jennifer Connelly’s freshly botoxed face to make.. Read More