A Rose by any other name still shouldn’t throw profeshade on Twitter

If only I were famous, I’d never have to deal with the problems peons do anymore. Like calories, aging, or getting fired for shit talking about my fellow professionals on Twitter. Right? Even though she literally got fired for doing that last one, we’re gonna employ the lovely Rose McGowan as a public cautionary tale example of how no one’s free from that. Even in the celebrity realm. ’cause homegirl.. Read More

Grinding in isolation: 10 signs it’s time to take a break

Having an at home job sounds like a dream. Like an all-week vacation. And it can be, for us free-lancers – if we do what we should. But I personally forget sometimes that workaholism is just a chemical substitute that can cause a rainbow flavored array of problems. As Heath Ledger’s Joker once eloquently said, “Madness, as you know, is a lot like gravity .It only takes a little push.”.. Read More

HabitHacks at work: Chill skills

There are some days when constructing a simple string of words seems inconceivable. Actually – not “days” per se. More like time of day. This mental monsoon of confusion generally doesn’t hit until after halfway through the daily doling out of randomness for you to ingest. I start out in love with an idea or two for hours. It’s not until that moment when I pause to stretch (and suddenly.. Read More

Social hacks: improffice-ational art of “Yes, and”

Youtube must be psychic. Or listening in on my phone calls. I was just having this conversation last night – about how easy it is in a high-stress profession to look at everything and see “what’s wrong?” or “what needs fixing?” I mean, analytical thinking is totally crucial for critical fields like healthcare – but back when I was working there, it took me a long time to learn the.. Read More

Bieber booed for being late.

When you’re a regular 19 year old who is late to work, you’ll either get a lecture or let go. When you’re a 19 year old pop star who does it, however, nobody is going to let anything go. Case in point: Justin Bieber is seemingly receiving some serious crowd-hate after showing up on stage for his show… two hours late. Crowds of kids with curfews booed him en masse.. Read More