I don’t know what I like better.

This flashmob style staged TED Talk I just watched (even though it was done like two years ago) – or the heaps of people who are so bad at situation reading that they didn’t realize it was fake. Either way, I really needed this thing today and you might too. If the pure absurdity doesn’t get you (about the idea of dancing phantoms in a spectrum of hues emerging and dancing while umbrellas spin and beach balls get respectively spun and tossed around rock concert style every time your shiz freezes up in the middle of a presentation or better yet, when you’re just sitting alone at a coffee table), then the comments from the ignorant below the video definitely will.

So, if I’m being honest, it’s hard to discern which thing is more delightfully absurd.

TED talks are fantastic. (Usually.)

So much so that I’ve almost even considered un-ad-blocking them. Almost. And when this particular #flashbacksaturday moment started trending in my social media feed today, I was initially afraid it was gonna be another one of those f’real moments captured on film where someone gets horribly humiliated, live, on stage, and while they’re trying to be professional. And it’s funny for a second in one of those “thank god it’s not ME” ways. But then, ultimately, of course, you leave the video feeling as shamefully bad about yourself for profiting off’a others’ misery as you did that one time in middle school when you made fun of the girl with the weird teeth along with the cool kids because you’d just won a seat at their lunch table and didn’t want to sacrifice that (god forbid) – especially not with something as silly as an action that aligned with your conscience or principles.

Yeah. Totes thought it was gonna be that.

But what I got instead pretty much made my day – especially since my own non-Mac computer keeps effing up lately in its own way (obv. ‘cause it’s, ya know, not a Mac). Even without the spinning beach ball of death as a trigger, I can now successfully get through this weekend of technological hiccups with a modicum of serenity every time I hear that annoying freezeup “DING!” from my Dell, which I’ve come to dub the doorbell for hell.

Laughter, even, mayhaps?

Eh… I dunno.

Send me my own personal prismatic flashmob bomb telegram for the next week or five.

Then maybe we can talk.