Blueprints to Eternity: Inquiries on the Infinite

A lot of people will say “I wasn’t a believer in X until I saw Y” in order to make their case about all things paranormal seem more believable. I’ve heard it over and over with ghost stories and near-death experiences and never gave much credence to any of it. I still don’t know how I feel about it; but a day or two ago I was mulling over the.. Read More

Girl Model

I was down with the flu, so I spent my sick day watching a documentary I’d been wanting to see for a while about young girls in the modeling industry. It’s a little different from “Picture Me”, though. Video embedded after the blog! Against the creepy backdrop of some Aphex Twin sounding music, “Girl Model” invites you into the twisted world of teen modeling. We follow Nadya, a beautiful 14.. Read More