Monkey gone to heaven in comment hell

I know that I’ve been inundated with too much iphone and internet when I start to write (I mean actually write – pen to paper) and I look for the microphone icon on the page of my notebook. It’s also a sign I’ve been spending too much time Stumbling or Youtubing or Facebooking when I sit down to enjoy a nice episode of “Hitler’s Henchman” (or whatever it’s called) on.. Read More

Mom-Convos: Makenzie and acid

This week in mom-convos with bratty kids, there’s the trending Makenzie with her dirty laundry, iphone shortcut hacking, and predilection for LSD. Seriously. There are so many questions. Like: What size house are these genetically linked stranger-roommates living in that they can’t just ambulate to communicate face to face? Where’s her phone charger? Doesn’t the mom know enough English to attempt some sort of diction circumvention? Why does Makenzie have.. Read More