Something old, something newborn (crazy bride-mom)

Well, this Tennessee bride couldn’t find something “old” So she attached her “new” born to her dress-train and dragged it down the aisle: A new born, living on borrowed time, and soon to be blue …(after it dies – suffocating in chiffon) Are we being serious here? I legit want to know. Because just a few days ago, some news outlet hoaxed everyone by saying a comet was going to.. Read More

The 7 deadly yins of hot chakra work.

My dad recently asked me as we sipped coffee what “hot yoga” was.* I found it hard to give an apt description – partly because it’s different everytime I go, partly because I don’t really know what I’m doing, and partly because I wanted to do the Gwyneth thing and compare my memory of it to his Vietnam ones. But even I have a couth-line I draw. #sorrynotsorry Mostly, though,.. Read More

Brain drilling for depression?

Depressives never feel “whole”. So Dr. Satan’s drilling a hole in their heads – literally. Two to be exact. That’s right. A group of people who’ve waded through decades of the sad-sads (that have failed to abate with therapy and medical treatments) finally felt tortured enough to try anything. Among the “anything” experiments was a fairly recent one in which two thin tunnels were burrowed deep into a part of.. Read More


Remember when ring watches were as cool as a real life James Bond watch? No. Because they weren’t. And neither will be this new ringing watch that’s in the works. Companies are always trying to decide what other “innovative” offshoots they can create that we don’t really need – and smartphones are a great jumping off point. Thus, next up on deck is the concept of a “smart watch” –.. Read More

Eat rat sh*t and die(t)

Well, that’s special. Some recent studies where lab rats ate eachother’s butt fudge might just reveal why America’s so effing fat. What it comes down to, essentially, is our belly microbes – and how diverse they are. It’s said that variety’s the spice of life. And it’s apparently also the key to staying lean when it comes to your tummy and the creatures living in it. Pretty much, they took.. Read More

Can bloodshed help your sight?

Got bad vision? Why not hone those homicidal skills god gave you? With video games? That’s right. Video games are apparently the way to go if your vision’s going. But not just any one will do. The first person shooter game “Medal of Honor” has apparently passed both the wandering eye and cataract test. Between the “back and forth” motion your optical muscles are required to do – to the.. Read More