Pyramids built by blood, sweat, and… lube?

Holy Annunaki, Batman… the giant pyramids weren’t made by aliens? As fun as it is to pretend some almond-eyed creatures from The Fourth Kind were responsible for descending outta a wormhole in the sky and into the era of King Tut to erect majestic pyramids, we always knew there had to be another way. (Right, guys? We knew that? Guys?) Whatever your beliefs, hopefully most of us have been trying.. Read More

Science says: our brain’s power button’s been discovered

They say that soon we’ll be able to merge our brains with computers. But what if there’s already a built in computer-like component? Like – a power switch that knocks consciousness on and off? Indeed, it may not be long before “… and how does that make you feel?” gets replaced with “Did you try turning it off and on again?” A recent study done at GWU managed to access.. Read More

So… Netflix wants to pay us to watch Netflix?

Wanna get paid to watch T.V. from home? Eh, I dunno. I have a tough enough time doing actual computer work from home. Once I get lost in work I have to do online, trying to “unplug” my brain from alter-reality can feel almost as painful as Neo going between the Matrix and that electrode dental chair thingy he’s strapped into. This machine is a weapon of mass distraction when.. Read More