Catching an Ibuprofen buzz?

Ever gotten high off motrin? Yes, I have got one! Well, kinda. No. Not really. More like “anti drug research results” – because I’m skeptical about everything. Especially when they talk about altering consciousness with OTC meds. I myself haven’t had the pleasure of feeling stoned on ibuprofen. But then again, with my former pharmaceutical diet, my body would’ve received Motrin the way most Americans do if you offer them.. Read More

OSU Band director fired for not being a snitch

So this OSU dude got fired because the shitty band brats he directed were hazing eachother. Apparently, these post high school nerds were inducting freshman to the group by ritualistically passing on the baton of grab-assery. And director Jon Waters got left with the shitty end of the drum stick. Why? Because the “simulated sex acts” and “members responding to demeaning nicknames of other members” and “groping” they did all.. Read More

Expect nada and get a lotta

At the peak of my Daria life-outlook (following a down-in-flames relache), I had a motto: “Expect nothing from anyone and never be disappointed.” At the time, I was trying to passively convey the morose message of “I’ve obviously been hurt but I want to look like a badass so I’ll show all of you by never trusting anyone again and pretending I’m Beatrice Kiddo, exacting revenge on random men like.. Read More