Church of superstitious: Is OCD any diff than wood-knocking?

“Stop it. STOP IT. STOP THAT. STOP DOING THAT!!!!1” This is the internal monologue I have to consciously fight from vocalizing as a family member to three obsessive compulsive disorder sufferers. And it’s pretty bad when I – a crazy person myself – get this vexed by someone else’s psychosis. But, I suppose, that’s the reason itself: one can only observe too much Nicholson a la “Good As It Gets”.. Read More

My anaconda don’t want none…

“Take it. Take it all.” Said the filmmaker (not really, but probably in his mind) to an anaconda, before cocooning himself (whole body, not just his dangle as the misleading quote that never happened suggests) up and being swallowed alive by him. While the event hasn’t happened yet, filmmaker Paul Rosolie does indeed intend to do exactly that. And then he’ll share the video footage in a month. And just.. Read More

WTF are these sky holes?

Is there finally something more terrifying in Australia than wolf spiders? Like – aliens Chuck Norrising through the sky and leaving rainbow laden Donnie Darko portals ? When the poor frightened Aussie townspeople gazed above to witness this phenemoena, they took to twitter to marvel in shared amusement. Was the rapture finally here? Did I make the cut? Am I going to get last minute cut because I think the.. Read More

Pennywise’s pit wisdom

I’m in love with this gutter wisdom. And not just because of the delicious irony that accompanies imagining Pennywise’s raspy voice – snarling this positive thought through his yellowing sharpened shark teeth and across sanguine shaded lips. Nay, sir. This doubles as a “it’s funny ‘cause it’s true” for sure. I was telling my mom the other day how I never felt less spiritual than sitting in a church pew… Read More

50 Shades of Cray: Do rape fantasies make your inner goddess dance?

Alright. This one might be slightly “heavy”. But I feel like it must be relevant to current trends. Especially since I can’t seem to escape that “50 Shades of Grey” book turned movie lately. This little story’s got everyone’s panties in a twist – from the feminist bloggers who feel like free speech shouldn’t be a thing when it offends their ovaries to those who just like the idea of.. Read More