And now for a very large dog. And a very large cat.

Well, it’s happened. A thought translated into vibrations in my vocal cords until it reached air, carrying intelligible significance. Just barely, tho. It was a quote from a car commercial. (With a slight tweak: “That’s not a real puppy… that’s too big to be a real puppy…” ) But you just might say it too, after seeing “Hulk”: This behemoth pit bull embodies that whole “big friendly giant” concept in.. Read More

Dan Stevens as “The Beast”? Yes, please.

Duh, why didn’t I think of this…? So, not terribly long ago, I wondered which actor could possibly do the Beast justice in the upcoming Disney live-action fairy tale remake. My last blog on this expressed my usual eyeroll-smirk reaction to these sortsa live-action things (being forced to see Phantom of the Opera felt like all my senses had taken a holiday at Guantanamo). But, it being among my favorite.. Read More

Should we care about human-mice hybrids?

You know, I get that we need to test on animals to find cures for things ‘n stuff. But if we’re gonna carry on with intentionally pumping human level cognitive powers into them, we’d better gear up for an uprising. Somehow, I can’t imagine that when these humanized lab rats I’m reading about find out how shitty we’re treating all the non-humans of the world, they’re gonna be alright with.. Read More

Just say no to nocebo sorcerers.

Aside from the hand-holding part at the end, I kinda liked this TED talk on how the mind can heal the body. As she went into a plethora of different examples about how stage 4 cancer and AIDS patients respectively experienced shrunken tumors and became HIV negative, Rankin brought up something I kinda never thought about. The first part’s obvi: We can make our bodies better with our brains. But.. Read More

Turning water pods into whine

I was ultra bummed the second he said it: “Oh, by the way, it’s in a residence – just so you know.” A residence? No. Thank you. Maybe if I wasn’t scheduling to come into a business, take my clothes off my body, and lay in a pod of water for two hours, I’d be fine. For some reason, I was so much more okay with that concept during my.. Read More

Can dogs make us less douchey?

“Whatever.” “Look, I’m only gonna be gone for like an hour- tops.” “Fine. All’s I’m saying is that I’m going to take a dump right where you’re standing. Like, as soon as you leave.” This is the conversation my ten year old shih-tzu and I have every day before I lock her behind the walls of my apartment prison. It used to be a lot more dramatic – clutching my.. Read More

Orwellian ovarian overlords: snatch spies are hacking your hormones online

We’ve become accustomed (somehow) to the fact that everything’s monitored when we web surf. But what about when we women folk are surfing that… plus our lady tides simultaneously? Well, if Mr. Hall worked for the right marketing companies, he might tell Cher he already knew that. Because this is apparently a new thing happening. In I-told-you-so news, marketers can now get their hands on your flow info – if.. Read More

Is “adipositivity” detrimental to health?

I’m just gonna leave this here for a moment: This is one of many images in the “Adipositivity Project” by photographer Substantia Jones. And while I can agree that, yes, Miss Jones can take the hell outta’a snapshot – regardless of what’s in the frame – I’d be lying if I said that obesity itself is beautiful. And hear me out before I get crucified for fat shaming people. ‘cause.. Read More